The thing kings are made of...

The Crowning of the King

After countless battles, war and near destruction of the city the group of adventurers was finally done with combat. They would finally see the king crowned this evening. When he presented himself he was dressed in fine cloth and silks, completely different from their time together waging the war where he dresses only slightly better than a vagabond. While they contemplate this their memories of their first days together start to flood back to mind.

It seamed a good plan in the beginning. Buy a map and recover the treasure from the location.
In the end the map lead our treasure hungry adventurers to a new village in the outskirts of the king’s forest this was the village of Newhaven. Brother Ozymandias and William Bland were the first to arrive. William Bland had bumped in to Ozymandias a few villages over and peering over his shoulder he saw that he was hunting for treasure. He was about to leave him since he was only interested in helping out those in need and promoting good in the land when he noticed a distinct similarity between the symbol on the map and the holy symbol on the table. after inquiring with him and discovering that he was after a long lost treasure of his church William Bland decided to help him in his journey (weather or not Brother Ozymandias really wanted it.) After they arrived to the place marked on the map they found a village in the place where the dungeon should have been. They decided to make their way to the small chapel that took the place of the church in that village.
When they arrived Brother Ozymandias gave a donation in the small collection tray in front of the altar and prayed for the success of his mission. The priest quickly came to collect the offering and be on his way but before he could leave Brother Ozymandias stopped him to ask him a few questions about the missing map he had bought telling about the old treasure. They quickly noticed his discomfort at the mention of the map but could not get him to talk. they realized after looking at him closely that he was a worshiper of Dulidamar, the protector of thieves, so they let him go.
Luthien had just arrived in the village and noticed one of the villagers leaving the chapel in a hurry so she rushed to meet him.



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